October 25, 2015

Our services

NSSIT’s Services Offering

NSSIT offers a dynamic portfolio of complex, IT infrastructure capabilities, with proven ability to provide heterogeneous management. Our ITIL-certified staff is dedicated to helping you enhance the business value of your IT investment through improved operational efficiency and service levels. Combined with some of our other services options, NSSIT provides our customers with holistic solutions to operate and manage IT environments in a very focused way, allowing the Customer to maintain choice, flexibility, and control.

While managed services increasingly appeal to organizations which want to enlist the help of a third-party to perform specific management tasks on an ongoing basis, many organizations would like to continue to perform these tasks without the hassles of deploying and maintaining the management software that is necessary. This permits the organization to utilize the tools and application which automates the whole service management array from alarm generation to workflow, escalation management and provisioning.

NSSIT Managed Services Delivers Measurable Benefits to You:

  • Gain control over your processes using an ITIL-based approach to create a more efficient environment that reduces operating and capital expenses.
  • Create a flexible operating infrastructure—one that adapts readily to new technologies and lets you respond quickly to fast-moving business opportunities
  • Accomplish day-to-day IT tasks securely and more effectively to ensure that crucial data sets are protected and available
  • Transfer of risk to handle the technology is one of the biggest benefits, so that customers can focus on their core because, instead of worrying about the IT and uptime of services
  • Reliable and continuous monitoring, reporting, and preventive action minimizes costly downtime of your IT infrastructure
  • Our capacity and threshold monitoring improves IT performance and deliver consistent IT management
  •  Customer experiences increased confidence in the network infrastructure
  • Automated routine administrative and day-to-day operational functions
  • Real-time expert system problem detection and correction
  • Reduces security threats
  • Extends the value of existing IT assets

NSSIT has indepth expertise in the following products and service domains:

  • Networking- Cisco and HP
  • Security- Cisco, Fortinet
  • Data Security- Websense
  • Business Continuity- F5, Barracuda, Imperva
  • Managed Services
  • Technical Manpower support/On-site Technical Support(Facility Management Service) /Support Renewals/ Standby AMC(Technical and Equipment support)
  • VAPT