October 25, 2015

Data Center

Sustainable design is a result of a creative and collaborative approach that realizes synergies between all disciplines and produces thoughtful, intelligently integrated work. Our design will offer healthier and more vibrant places for people to work and live, and be most effective to operate over long term.

Datacenter Project

TIA-942 Compliant Data Centre

Datacenter Project

TIA-942 Compliant Data Centre

Leadership in sustainable, high performance, environmentally conscious design is a cornerstone for our practice and every project we do is with that vision. We are committed work, which will sustain healthy lives and benefit our company and our world.

Our design consultants are a team of qualified professionals with vast experience and expertise in the areas of Building Design Service Consultancy compliance with Green Building, related to Data center design, Mechanical (HVAC), Electrical, Public Health Engineering (PHE) and Life Safety Systems. Our Data Center Design Consultants objective is providing complete MEP & Data center (HVAC, Electrical, PHE & Life Safety) design’s DC and DR requirements.

Other than Data Center Network Design our qualified team also offer complete design for HVAC, Electrical, Fire Detection, Security Protection Systems, Building Management System for Data Center and Disaster Recovery site requirements.

In support of the use of increasingly complex applications such as grid computing, content delivery, e-commerce and data backup, the need for scalable infrastructures, power and cooling, and higher bandwidth continue to grow, intensifying the demand for better connectivity solutions in the data center.

Global Infrastructure Standards and Guidelines

Global infrastructure standards and guidelines for data centers are being formulated with recommendations for preferred high-performance network infrastructures. Data center topology and infrastructure recommendations are covered by TIA/EIA-942 (Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers) in the US and by Draft

IS 24764 (Information Technology – Generic Cabling for Data Centre Premises) internationally.