January 23, 2018

Railway Signaling & Communications

NSS-IT has a team of highly trained engineers having extensive experience in project engineering, and project management, testing and commissioning for railway signaling works for the mainline and metro railways.

NSS-IT highly experienced team primed for signaling & communication can provide custom solutions to the customers in UAE & Qatar.

NSS-IT Rail Signaling System’s division has recently been established to meet the demands of the market and the desire of our customers to procure a one stop shop signaling solution.

Typical works include but are not limited to:

  • Procurement and installation of required signaling infrastructure as per client requirements.
  • Termination and testing of all signaling infrastructure.
  • Correlation and site surveying requirements.
  • From provision of relevant signaling works package to creation of ‘As built’ Detailed Site Survey’s.

Using specialized Wayside System technicians and signaling electricians, NSS-IT team can provide a one stop shop solution to the maintenance of signaling and wayside assets which adds value and reduces cost for Rail Operators.

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