October 25, 2015

Project Management Methodology

NSSIT employs a standard Project Management framework based on strong foundation of experience of managing very large systems integration projects in various industry sectors and best industry practices. The NSSIT methodology is generic and covers the project life cycle:  project initiation, project planning, project execution and control, and project closeout. For this tender, since the network is in place already, the project scope includes only the installation and support of ISE licenses.

NSSIT methodology is a well-defined process for tracking project performance to facilitate:

  • Project planning and status
  • Performance against plan
  • Utilization
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management

NSSIT project management objectives are focused on close monitoring, controlling, and balancing the three key constraints of the project: Scope, Budget and Schedule.

To achieve this primary management objective, NSSIT uses the following approaches:

  • Enabling the project team i.e. starting the project quickly and efficiently, including organizing the project team and environment, and managing the project team and operations in a coordinated and efficient manner
  • Managing risk, i.e. identifying, evaluating, mitigating, and periodically re-evaluating events that can have an unfavorable impact on the project
  • Managing KPIs, i.e. defining the desirable quality goals with the client, establishing measures that track achievement of the goals, tracking the measures, sharing results with the appropriate stakeholders, and adjusting processes to maintain the desired level of quality
  • Managing communication, i.e. setting up and maintaining good communication processes to establish, support, and practice open and honest communication with all constituencies regarding the project’s objectives, status, problems, opportunities, and risks
  • Managing issues, i.e. establishing an easy, routine process to identify, collect, discuss and resolve concerns or existing and potential problems of stakeholders as early as possible

Project management is firmly positioned within the NSSIT organization and processes. Internal procedures provide control and support to all our projects through means such as monthly reporting processes, corporate risk review boards, and review experts.